Friday, April 27, 2007


Someone Who's For Us

A rare sober voice from a former member of America's party of bizarre betrayal.

You'll remember that in the recent mid-term elections, the Democrat party did all they could to defeat one of their own. In spite of their efforts, Joseph Lieberman ran as an independent -- and won. Also, in spite of the Democrats' belief that most of America's voters share their views on Iraq, Lieberman was elected against the Democrats hand-picked "anti-war" candidate.

Under normal (pre-9/11) circumstances and before the Jihad of fascist Muslims became so bold, it would be rare to find myself agreeing with a big-government "liberal" on an issue. Lieberman himself would hardly be supportive of the current president if things were as they were in the old paradigm.

As it turns out, liberal Senator Lieberman (like a few Democrats in his former party) is a staunch supporter of the president's actions, post-9/11. He recognizes -- with sound and practical analysis -- who the enemies are and what must be done to effectively defeat them. In this regard he is a rare individual, having been a member of a party that has become "progressively" (no pun intended) weak-willed, defeatist, and incompetent (and, in some cases, virtually treasonous).

There are plenty of sober voices among citizens and representatives in America and the rest of the world. We can only hope their resolve prevails at a time when our second greatest enemy is the stance that supports and encourage our first greatest enemy. To say that one is "either with us or with the terrorists" (as President Bush has done) is not "narrow-minded," "simplistic," or “arrogant,” as some have said. It's an honest appraisal of the facts as they now stand.

It would be nice if fewer of our "own voices" were with the terrorists in spirit, if not actual intent.

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